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Breaking and Building Habits

February 25, 2018 • Brandon Park

Many times we look at those who have achieved much and wonder: “What are the big things they’re doing that I’m incapable of doing to achieve that success?” We are all disciplined in many ways; we just don’t always have the right disciplines. Discipline is simply choosing between what we want now and what we want most. So what habits do you need to break and what habits do you need to build in order to achieve what you want most?

God Never Gives Up on You

February 18, 2018 • Brandon Park

The Book of Hosea sounds eerily similar to the world we are living in today. Our concept of love has become so diluted and convoluted. So through Hosea, God demonstrated for His people what love really is and what love looks like. And we can see that His love never gives up no matter what.

What's So Amazing About Grace?

February 11, 2018 • Brandon Park

Everything about the American way of life teaches us this simple truth: You get what you earn; you get what you work for. But God does not relate to us on the basis of our goodness. He relates to us on the basis of His grace. But what are the benefits of grace and what makes it so amazing?

How God Erases Your Guilt

February 4, 2018 • Brandon Park

The worst trip you can ever take is a guilt trip. It is a trip that will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and charge you more than you want to pay. At some time or another you have been haunted by the ghost of guilt. But what if that guilt could be erased?