Be Real

Are Your Habits Developing?

May 6, 2018 • Brandon Park

It is easier to operate by habit than it is to consciously choose each action. Habits are the default settings of our soul. When we do not consciously plan our behavior we are taken over by habit. What habits make up the default setting of your soul?

Are Your Hands Dirty?

April 29, 2018 • Brandon Park

When we are genuinely following Jesus, He makes a difference in the activities we do – our outward behavior in serving others as the “hands and feet” of Christ. We need to ask ourselves as followers of Christ, “Are our hands dirty?” Are we busy serving others in the name and the Spirit of the One who saved us? How do we cultivate hands that are quick to serve?

Is Your Head on Straight?

April 22, 2018 • Brandon Park

When we receive Jesus into our lives, he transforms us in several areas, including the mind. Our minds are filled with fears, worries, negativity, and sinful thoughts, but as we fill our minds with Christ, he crowds out all of those bad thoughts, helping us to keep our heads on straight and our minds on him.

Is Your Heart in Rhythm?

April 15, 2018 • Brandon Park

When we are genuinely born-again, there are some changes that begin to take place on the inside that start to show up on the outside. Jesus makes a difference in our lives by transforming our heart, head, hands, and habits. In order to be the best version of ourselves, we need to examine whether our heart is beating in rhythm with the heart of the Father.

Do You Have Authentic Faith?

April 8, 2018 • Brandon Park

Not everyone who is talking about heaven is going to heaven. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a Christian. Jesus gave us the parable of the “Wheat and the Tares” to illustrate two different kinds of people in the church today. Those who are genuinely saved and those who appear to be saved but are not.