The Heart of Christmas

Taking Christmas Back from the Grinch

The Best Life

Costume Party

Ghost Stories

The Not-so-Scary Truth About the Holy Spirit

Confessions of a Bald Pastor

Wave Walkers

Think Tank

Defeating Destructive Thoughts

God On Film

Family Circus

How To Have The Greatest Family On Earth

More To Life

The Life You've Always Wanted


Shocking Statements of Jesus

Chosen Conference Sessions


How To Win At Relationships


Is it hard to see the answers to some of life’s biggest questions about God and the Bible? In our new message series, “Clearly”, we’ll cut through the confusion to discover the reasons to believe and why it matters.

State Of The Church 2018

Connection Christmas

Technicolor Christmas

Christmas is full of color with multicolored lights on green trees, and gifts wrapped in silver and gold paper with red ribbons. But for many people, this time of year can also make them feel blue. You’re invited to experience a Technicolor Christmas with us, full of light and color to help you ce

How To Be Rich

In this new message series, you’ll discover the secrets to being rich, which involves a whole lot more than how much money you have.

Costume Party

We all have a part of us we hide from others. Join us for our brand new series Costume Party and discover how to let the real you shine through!

I Love The 90's

Dial-up internet, pleated skirts, Gameboys, and cell phones the size of bricks. These are all products of the 90s. A lot of things have changed, but we will never forget the 90s. Take a trip back through time to one of the greatest decades to discover what God has for our lives today.

Preachers From Outer Space

"Out of this world" messages where you'll be challenged and maybe even changed for the better!