Be Still

Be Still Week 2 - Pastor Kelly Medders

September 12, 2021 • Kelly Medders

Be Still Week 1 - Pastor Kelly Medders

September 5, 2021 • Kelly Medders • Mark 4:35–41

Feel like you're drowning? Come get a refresh this morning with our new series "Be Still". -5 Practical Points- 1. In life it is important to know what boat you’re in. * Is Jesus in this boat? * Did He put me in this boat? 2. If I’m in the boat with Jesus, He has this under control 3. Don’t judge the faithfulness and compassion of God by the storms you encounter. 4. Understand that Jesus is always with you in the storm, whether he stops the wind or not 5. Realize that no matter what happens, Jesus has you even if a storm carries you to eternity. * JESUS HAS YOU!