Summer 2022 Ladies Book Club

Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality OR Quiet Talks on Prayer

June 7, 2022
9:30 - 11:00am

Please join us for our summer reading groups as we read and discuss either Quiet Talks on Prayer by S. D. Gordon or Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality. ed. Hillary Morgan Ferrer. Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality by Hillary Morgan Ferrer. Whether you are a mom or not, we believe this book can be a helpful resource as you navigate our culture’s current understanding of issues of sexuality. This book does a wonderful job of presenting God’s design for sexuality, thinking through some of the issues in our culture and helping us to walk in love and truth with others. It really is a must-read for anyone wishing to better understand and think Biblically about sexuality and the prominent ideas in our culture today. This book is offered on Tuesday morning only. Quiet Talks on Prayer by S. D. Gordon. This almost 100-year-old classic was recently unearthed from our pastor’s bookshelf and it was read and LOVED. Still in print, it has sections on “The Meaning and Mission of Prayer”, “Hindrances to Prayer”, “How to Pray”, and last but not least, “Jesus’ Habit of Prayer’. An important emphasis of this book is to show us OUR role as God uses our prayers in spiritual conflict and to motivate all of us to take our places as warriors in spiritual battles. The author says "the Earth is the battlefield and prayer is the greatest outlet of power in that battle." Want to stand beside our missionaries as they do their work and help them in a meaningful way? Want to fight against what’s happening in Ukraine? Want to help bring souls to Christ? Read this! The discussion groups for this book will include a time of group prayer- specifically aimed at our global partners and reaching the lost. This book will be offered both Tuesday morning and evening. Please register using the link provided. BOOK CLUB DATES: June 7 and 14, July 12 and 19; and August 2. Childcare will be available on Tuesday mornings (mark that option when you register).