Community Alliance Church offers resources to help you begin and maintain a strong connection to Jesus by developing knowledge and skills in both evangelism and discipleship. We tell others about Jesus, teach them His message, and train them to live His mission with the hope of becoming followers of Jesus who make disciples. Community Alliance Church (CAC) provides resources and materials to equip Christians for spiritual growth as well as the accurate communication of Jesus' identity, significance, and teachings for the purpose of building mature and skilled Christians who live like Jesus. We focus on teaching the truth and principles of the Bible in order to produce transformed living. Thinking deeply and clearly about spiritual issues is critical for living a life that is pleasing to God. CAC transfers skills that will encourage an understanding of the Christian worldview grounded in the Scriptures leading to an ability to live that understanding out before others so that opportunities are created to communicate the worldview of Jesus to those who are not following Him. Our desire is to see God's kingdom invade earth so that God's will is accomplished.