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Spring Baptism

April 30, 2017 • Jerry Shaffer

Baptism is more than a symbol. Worship, evangelism, social justice, and even suffering have value and meaning in that they reflect the life and nature of God that is being formed in us. And baptism is an outward demonstration of that inward reality. We are not our own, and our lives are not our own. In baptism, we willingly lay them down and come up from the water dead to ourselves, alive in Jesus.

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Week 2

Week 1

August 5, 2018 • Jerry Shaffer

Seven Secrets of Resurrection

July 29, 2018 • Blaine Bartel

Recovery means healing — it’s what you do for yourself. But resurrection is different. Resurrection means you have nothing left — that you’re dead and buried, and you need someone else to dig you out. Through the power of His own resurrection, Jesus is able to bring life back to the places where death has taken hold of us — but only if we let Him. Join us this weekend for a special message from author and speaker Blaine Bartel as he shares his own story of life from death and invites us to experience the resurrection life of Jesus, as well.