Roland "Dave" Davis

February 3, 1941-December 3, 2023

December 3, 2022

We are saddened by the passing of Roland Davis on Tuesday January 3rd, 2023. He passed at home surrounded by his family. Roland courageously spent his days after a cancer diagnosis spending time with and caring for his wife, Jennie, making sure everything was taken care of, and continuing to be a great husband, father, grandfather, and mentor. He treated everyone with respect, was always polite, and a man of few words with a kind heart and caring smile. Even at the end of his days he would light up and share a warm smile with his grandkids as they came to check in on him. He was honest and meticulous in his dress and his home. A devoted family man who loved well. Roland was born on February 3rd, 1941 in Birmingham, Alabama to parents Charley and Bessie (Mary) Davis. He had older brothers Fred Richardson, Charley Davis Jr., Older Sister Minnie Payne and younger sisters Bessie Wright, Jessie Sheard. They were baptized at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Cardiff, AL. The children attended and graduated from Hooper City HS in Brookside, Alabama. Roland enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on December 27th, 1961. His military service took him to England where he met and married his first wife, Rita. They had two children in England Gregory Davis and Sherry Singleton. The family was transferred to Charleston, SC where their third child Robin Davis was born. His service also took the family to Okinawa, Japan and Minot, ND. Rita became ill and the family moved to Lowry Air Force base in Denver so she could be cared for at Fitzsimmons. His wife Rita sadly passed away in 1976. He met Jennie Fields and they married on February 16th, 1978. Jennie had two children Darren and Sinickas. Roland adopted both of Jennie’s children. He raised all 5 children as his own. When Darren later asked him about that decision his response was, “I always thought kids were kids and they all need parents.” Roland was truly an amazing father figure and the example of a great husband. Greg’s aunt (Joanne Williams) when asked about Roland said, ”Your father was put on this earth to raise and nurture children and be a loving and caring family man” Everyone who knows him agrees. He fulfilled that role on the highest level, and we thank him for it. His daughter Sherry said, “She was a daddy’s girl and knew she wanted to marry a man like her father.” While serving at Lowry Air Force base in Denver he fulfilled his military commitment during the day, worked as a janitor during the evening, and from there would go DJ at a local club or event. No matter how tired he might have been he would never falter no matter the weather or the situation. He believed in hard work to get ahead and passed that on to all his children. His oldest son Gregory said his Dad taught him work ethic and always told him “If you’re going to do a job be the best no matter what you are doing and if you don’t like what you are doing leave but never complain because you chose to be there.” Roland took his family to Germany to serve his last 4 years of service in the Air Force. He proudly served for 25 years and retired as a Master Sergeant in 1986. After retiring from the Air Force, Roland worked for the civil service for several years and later worked for the Cherry Creek School District. Roland was a dedicated working man who took great pride in doing his job well and continuing to serve and support his family throughout his life. Roland is survived by his beloved wife Jennie Davis, His children Gregory Davis, Sherry Singleton, Robin Davis, Darren Davis, Sinickas Davis. His sisters Bessie Wright and Jessie Sheard. His Grandchildren Avora Williams, Siara Singleton, Dorian Singleton, Paige Mayes, Demetrias Mayes, Rayven Davis, Ciara Taylor, Taylr Davis, Courtni Davis, Evan Davis, and Emmerson Abbott-Davis. Great-Grandchildren Sanaia Taylor, Kemari & Kailye Steele.