Weston Travis

May 5, 1983 – November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022

SERVICE: Wednesday, November 30th at 10:00am. The service is in the Worship Center Weston Samuel Travis, was born May 4th, 1983. From the very beginning Weston found comfort in music. Weston grew up on 23rd and Emerson in East Denver, with his father, mother and siblings, this is where he met his group of friends he calls his brothers to this day. Growing up Weston was a leader. He excelled academically in school. He loved to watch and play basketball (especially Michael Jordan). Weston served as Operations Manager and Warehouse lead throughout his career at USAgain. He consistently exceeded the productivity norms and made Denver the most productive warehouse in USAgain. His work family remembers him for his can-do attitude, for always being a team player, for being willing to do whatever was needed, and for his great sense of humor. Weston loved animals and had the memory of an elephant, you haven’t been to the Denver Zoo unless you have been with the Travis family, he and his kids are like personal tour guides. Weston was an avid sports fan and loved the Atlanta Falcons. If there was a question about either, we all knew who to ask. Along with the title of Family DJ, he would create playlists for all of our family BBQ’s. Weston was the person everyone would call for advice. Whether you needed the hard truth or just a good laugh, (most times they would always end in both). Weston always knew what to say and we will all miss his conversations. Weston was an amazing Father to Abriana, Little Weston, Deon and Brooklyn. The special bond he had with each of his children was indescribable. He and Abriana loved to talk about books, and enjoyed “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The Weston’s’ enjoyed talking about sports with each other. They both can tell you who plays where and where they played in college. Deon and Weston loved the Falcons, every Sunday they put on their gear and watched them play. Brooklyn gets her sass from her Dad, if you ever had a conversation with her you would know exactly what I am talking about. He was a basketball and soccer coach for Deon and Brooklyn. He was by far the loudest parent on the sideline at Little Weston and Deon’s football games. He’s never missed a game. He and all of his children bonded over music. He learned to like Justin Bieber just for Abri, he always had the best hype music before the boy’s football games and would sing “Barbie Girl” with Brooklyn. His children were his world and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to put a smile on their face, even if it meant getting all the kids to play “scare games” on Mom, dancing or singing at the top of their lungs. He spent time baking with his kids and passed on the tradition of making “Nana rolls”. Weston had a sweet tooth like no other, if you ever needed a treat, just ask Weston. Weston was the best husband a woman could ask for. Along with occasional flowers, Weston would always come home with a new pair of shoes for Melody. He’s her rock. As they traveled through the hills and valleys of life Weston would consistently remind her to not worry about what we cannot control, pray about it, release our worries to God and then let it go. Weston was welcomed into Heaven by his Nana and his brother Kurt. Keeping his memory alive is his wife Melody, children, Abriana, Little Weston, Deon and Brooklyn, pets Kangol and Dutchess; his parents Ted and Shelly; sisters Heather(Anderson) and Danaa Kennedy, brother Scotty (Destiny), and a countless number of nieces, nephews, friends and friends.