Community Bible Study (CBS)

Wednesdays | 9:30am-11:30am | Youth Auditorium

January 4, 2023
9:30 - 11:30am

$35 per adult. No childcare provided. Men and women, we hope you’ll join us Wednesday mornings during the 2022-23 year! We love seeing what happens in people’s lives when they discover God through the study of His Word. Together we explore the Bible and what it tells us about the God who has woven His story through history and is present with us now. We will be studying the Book of Revelation and 1 & 2 Peter. Revelation: An exciting study in which Jesus Christ appears in all His glory. He is revealed as the Lamb of God, Bridegroom, King, and Judge. Prophecies are examined against the backdrop of God’s overriding plan for creation since the beginning of time and on through eternity. Class members will be inspired to worship and challenged to live in watchful readiness for the Lord’s return. 1 & 2 Peter: In these two letters, the apostle Peter offered encouragement to followers of Christ who were living as exiles and being persecuted for their faith. These books exhort believers to hope and godly living. They teach about godly relationships and warn about false teachers. They point to Jesus as our example in suffering and faith, and remind us that true security can be found only in God. Visit the CBS website to find out more about this ministry.