Does a Disciple Say Thanks or Thank You?

Episode 12

June 21, 2020 • Chip Pugh

Today, Chip takes us to Colossians 2 to discuss two words disciples must use every day to grow. We will learn the difference between saying “thanks” and “thank you.” This episode gives important instructions on how the teaching we consume must be carefully considered. If you need help taking the next steps on the path of discipleship, contact us here: Path@collegeside.org.

Romans 8 Conversation

Episode 54 • May 16, 2021 • Chip Pugh

We believe that conversations centered on the Word of God are transformative. Today, Chip has a conversation with Trace Lee about Romans 8. Chip and Trace discuss how the character of God is displayed in this text. They also spend time reflecting on how this scripture challenges and encourages them in their walk with Jesus. We hope you find this conversation helpful as you consider how to have your own conversations centered on the Word of God. If you need help taking the next steps on the Path of Discipleship, please contact us here: Path@collegeside.org.

You Were Made On Purpose

Episode 53 • April 25, 2021 • Chip Pugh

The world reinforces the idea that this world, and even you, were made by chance. The scriptures teach you were made on purpose. Do you believe this? And do you know your purpose? There is one mission that Jesus Christ has given - that is to make disciples, but there are many unique parts that His followers play to fulfill that mission. Today, Chip helps us learn these principles from Jeremiah 1. If you are ready to learn more about the Path of Discipleship, contact us here: Path@collegeside.org

How To Take the Next Step

Episode 52 • March 28, 2021 • Chip Pugh

Where are you on the path of discipleship? It really doesn’t matter where you are. The most important question to ask is: How do I take the next step? In today's episode, Chip takes us to Luke 24 to learn from two people who were literally walking the path of discipleship with Jesus. They were seeking Jesus and He was walking right next to them, even though they did not know. We will learn three truths these men embraced to take the next step on the path of discipleship. If you need help, we would love to help. Path@collegeside.org.