Ever Wonder Why? Week 6 - When God Feels Far Away

December 19, 2021

Have you ever had moments where you know that you're experiencing the presence of God? The Bible says He will never abandon us (Deuteronomy 31:6). So why are there times when God feels far away? And what do you do when you can't feel Him?

Ever Wonder Why? Week 7 - Why Should I Trust God?

December 26, 2021

Do you ever wonder why you should trust God? Or if it's even possible given everything you're facing right now? We'll learn how to build our faith and trust as we close out our series, Ever Wonder Why?

Ever Wonder Why? Week 5 - Why Can't I Stop

December 12, 2021

Is there a bad habit you can't seem to break? You might be frustrated, wondering why you can't stop. This week's message might be just what you need to break that habit for good.

Ever Wonder Why? Week 3 - WHY DIDN’T GOD ANSWER MY PRAYER?

December 5, 2021

The Bible tell us that with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26 NIV). But if that's true, why didn't God answer your prayer? Does it mean you did something wrong? Or that He doesn't care? Let's talk about it at church this week in our series, Ever Wonder Why?