Winter & Wilderness

The Gospel of Mark

Set Free To Be A Slave?

April 7, 2019 • Chris Failla

What does it mean that Jesus gave his life as a "ransom" for many? And why would he say we must become slaves, only to say in the next sentence that he came to set us free?

The Future Us

March 24, 2019 • Chris Failla

The Spirit and Zechariah

February 24, 2019 • Mike Frye

Don't Be Surprised

March 10, 2019 • Johnny May

Fasting, Feasting, Sabbath, and New Wine

March 17, 2019 • Chris Failla

What do fasting, feasting, sabbath, bridegrooms, and new wineskins have to do with each other? What if Jesus is offering us a taste of life and delight through misunderstood and often-neglected practices?

Wilderness & Storms

February 17, 2019 • Chris Failla

Prepare the Way

February 3, 2019 • Chris Failla and Phil Voth

Some beautiful stories from Phil Voth and some reflection on what does it mean to prepare the way of the Lord (Mark 1)?

Spiritual Gym Rats

January 27, 2019 • Phil Voth

Jesus didn't come for the spiritually fit but we sometimes try to be that anyway--what does that mean and why does it matter?