Post-Sunday Podcast

Engaging the Congregate through discussion, banter, and better resources.

Love Your Neighbor, The New Covenant and The Mosaic Law, and Joey as a Bullfrog

This week, Pastor Joey, Pastor Wilson, "The Professor" Bethany Lay, Joel and Intern Elise discuss loving your neighbor, why living in community is important, how Jesus fulfilled the law, and how Joey sounds like a bullfrog.

Christ's Trophies, Accountability in Small Groups, and Nominal Christianity con't.

This week, Pastor Andrew, Jeff Frye, Intern Elise, and Joel further discuss "Nominal Christianity", Why we should serve, how to know we are serving for Christ and not our own fame, and being Christ's trophies!

Church Discipline, "Nominal Christianity", and Joel's Job In Jeopardy Again

This week, Pastor Shaun, Pastor David, Bethany, Joel and Elise discuss the foolishness of being a nominal Christian, why church discipline is necessary for a church to even be considered a church, and how to best mix people's mics.

Unity in Relationships, How to "Let God and Let God", and Pastor Shaun Finally Breaks

This week Joel, Bethany, Pastor David, Pastor Shaun, and Intern Elise discuss how to pursue unity in relationships, what it looks like to shut up and pray and trust difficult people with the Lord, and Shaun turns into a tea kettle.

Grieving, How Bad and Good Stress Affects Us, and Lethal Weapon

This week Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun and Pastor David discuss what it looks like for Christians to grieve, what kind of stress affects the body and grieving, and Lethal Weapon.

Joy in Trials, The Effect of Discipline on Our Joy, and Better Impressions

This week Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, Pastor Joey discuss what joy looks like as you get older, how to have joy in the midst of depression and anxiety, why discipline and reduced phone usage are keys in fostering joy, and Joel's impression redemption!

Is God's Anger Righteous?, Can Our Anger Be Righteous?, Joel's Bad Trump Impression

This week, Joel, Nate, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor Andrew discuss anger in the life of a believer, how we deal with it, whether God's anger is righteous, and whether we have a right to be angry with God.

When Anxiety and Depression are sinful, What Enabling Looks Like, and Does Constitution Equal Poop?

This week, Joel, Nate, Bethany, Pastor Joey, and Pastor David discuss anxiety and depression, what it looks like to wrestle with those as a believer, how to build up and encourage the saints who wrestle with said issues, and ways to fight the fight in our own lives!

Resurrection Sunday, Al Mohler Impressions, and 2020 Democratic Candidates.

While the cat's away, the mice will play! This week, Nate Weis fills in for Joel hosting the podcast alongside Pastor Shaun, Pastor Joey, and Bethany Lay. We discussed the importance of the resurrection of Christ, if a person can be saved without believing in the resurrection, did Al Mohler impressions, and (briefly) discussed the 2020 democratic candidates.

Dealing With Abuse, Relinquishing Vengeance, Hashtags

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor David discuss how forgiveness works when abuse is present, how to relinquish vengeance and give that to God, and what hashtag would best represent us.

A Culture of Victims, Biblical Restitution, and Joel's Daddy Issues

This week, Joel, Bethany, Nate, and Pastor Shaun discuss the relationship between restitution and forgiveness, how our culture gets it wrong, and how the bible gets it right! Also, they discuss favorite movies and what they say about us!

Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?, True Community, and Shaun's Ankles

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor Joey discuss whether God still speaks through dreams, year-round small groups, Shaun's exposed ankles, and Joseph being an Egyptian Trump.

Feminism and Christianity, God's Faithfulness, Parental Sins

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor David and Pastor Andrew discuss what Christianity did for women and feminism, God's faithfulness in using sinful people and situations, and what it looks like for sins to be passed down through generations.

Heart Idols, Purifying Ourselves, and Shaun's 80's Phase

This week Joel, Bethany, Pastor David, and Pastor Shaun discuss heart idols, what it looks like to purify yourself daily and Pastor Shaun's 80's Christian rock phase- complete with magnetic earnings and mullets.

The Long Game vs. The Short Game of Our Faith, Reconciliation, Driving Fast Cars

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, Pastor David discuss reconciliation between ourselves and God as well as ourselves and others, driving fast cars, and playing the long game of our faith.