Post-Sunday Podcast

Engaging the Congregate through discussion, banter, and better resources.

The Importance of The Incarnation, Christmas Movies, and Adoption

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor David discuss why the incarnation of Christ was so important, how adoption and being chosen should influence our demeanor and favorite Christmas movies.

Reflecting on the "Singing Service", What Worship Is, and Heretical Worship

This week, Joel, Nate, and Maui discuss the past Sunday where we sang the entire service, what worship really is and how our culture has gotten it wrong, and why we don't sing songs from certain sources.

Waiting on God, Bitterness, and Gratitude in Suffering

This week, Nate, Bethany, Pastor Andrew, and Pastor Andrew discussed waiting on God through hard seasons, battling bitterness in our hearts, and how to be grateful in the midst of suffering.

Prophecy, Spiritual Gift's, and Keeping Christ in Christmas

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Joey, and Pastor David discuss whether prophets still exist, better categories for spiritual gifts, and whether you should or shouldn't tell your kids about Santa.

Forgiveness, Politics and Voting, and Joel's Transition

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Joey, and Pastor David discuss the responsibility of each believer with forgiveness, voting and politics, and Joel's transition...

Debating vs. Apologetics, Being a Good Neighbor, and Should Christians "Do" Halloween

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Joey, Pastor David/Pastor Andrew discuss whether or not Christians should "participate" in Halloween, how to be a good neighbor, and why Christian's should simply stop trying to "debate" people into salvation.

Overwhelming Sermon Questions, Anointing, and Bad Hermeneutics

The Issue With Revivals, Christ's Sufficient Sacrifice, and Microaggressions

This week, Joel, Bethany, Nate, Pastor David, and Pastor Joey discuss the issues with the Billy Graham Crusades, whether or not Christ's sacrifice was sufficient and complete, and what a microaggression is.

Hell, Altar Calls, and Cussing from the Pulpit

This week, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor David talk about Hell, if we should ever do altar calls and what can be the issue with them, and cussing from the pulpit.

Aquaman and his buddies talk about Evangelism, Songs these days, and prayer

This week Joel, Bethany, Pastor David, and Pastor Shaun talk about the obstacles and intricacies of evangelism, songs these days, and praying for lost people and people who don't think they are lost.

Yoked to Christ vs. Yoked to Sin, "Pendulum Christianity", and Shaun's default expressions

Colin Kaepernick, Serving in Church, and Hurricanes

This week, Joel and the gang talk about Colin Kaepernick, why serving in your local church is important and necessary, and hurricane craziness.

Christians and Social Media, Evangelism, and David's One-liners

In this weeks Post-Sunday Podcast, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun and Pastor David discuss the role of Christians on social media, evangelism, and how David is simply teeming with one-liners and wisdom!

Pastors and Suicide, Submission, and The Best Spiderman

In this episode, Joel, Bethany, Pastor Shaun, and Pastor David discuss the recent suicide of a California pastor, submission, and who really is the best Spiderman!

Anxiety and Depression, The Doctrine of Election, and Joey's Ankle Weights

August 21, 2018

In this week's podcast, Joel, Bethany, Shaun, Joey, and Pastor David discuss anxiety and depression, the doctrine of election, and how Joey used to walk around with ankle weights.