What To Look For In A Church

Session Five

NDA's & How Employees Are Treated • May 26, 2020 • Timothy Sensabaugh

In this session Pastor Tim addresses one the most controversial and abused practices by church's. Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Session Four

Financial Oversight • May 19, 2020 • Timothy Sensabaugh

Financial Oversight is one the most overlooked but most important things you can look for in a church to determine its overall health.

Session Three

Leadership Structure • May 12, 2020 • Timothy Sensabaugh

Pastor Tim talks a little bit about different leadership structure in a church. Non are perfect but some are better than others. Listen as he'd addresses three healthier structures and one very dangerous leadership structure to avoid.

Session Two

Spiritual Oversight • May 5, 2020 • Timothy Sensabaugh

In this session Pastor Tim gives some practical steps you can take to get an insight into the spiritual oversight and health of a church.

Session One

Personal Preferences • April 28, 2020 • Timothy Sensabaugh

What should you look for in a church? There are many intangible things but also some very practical things that one can examine when trying to decide if a church right for them and whether or not it's a healthy place to commit to. Over the course of several short sessions Pastor Tim uses his 25+ years of church experience to help bring practical guidance for those looking or thinking about a new church.