Coastal Kids: Season Two

The Dreamer: Joseph

Episode 1

God has good plans for everything He made. Most of all, God has good things for us to do when we trust and follow Jesus! He uses our good days and our bad days to help us do the good plans He has for us! In this episode, kids will learn about the life of Joseph and how God used even Joseph's misfortunes to put him in the right place to fulfill God's plan.

Baby and a Bush: Birth of Moses

Episode 2

God made you to do big things for Him! And you don’t even have to be a grown-up to do it! Just show God you are strong for Him by obeying in the little stuff more each day. In this episode, kids will learn about the life of Moses, from his miraculous safety after birth to his encounter with the burning bush.

A Voice In the Night: Samuel

Episode: 3

Start your day by praying to God, and talk and listen to Him ALL DAY LONG! Even if you go really far away or visit other places, He’s always listening. This episode about Samuel will teach kids that God is always ready to talk with us.

David & Goliath

Episode 4

A heart that matches God’s heart is ready to do what is good! But how do you know if your heart matches God’s heart? Get to know God by through the Bible, singing to God, and praying. In this unit, we'll look at the story of David and Goliath.

Daniel & The Lions Den

Episode 5

God is bigger and stronger than any scary thing, and our big, strong God is always with us. God promises to help you when you’re afraid. This story of Daniel in the lion's den will teach kids about trusting in God in the face of any fear!

A Christmas Gift

Episode 6

It’s Christmas! Let’s celebrate Jesus’ birthday by being givers like God! God sent Jesus as a very special Christmas present to the world. Jesus saves us and shows us God’s love. Celebrate His birthday and give to others to show God’s love!