Coastal Kids: Season One

Preschool Bible Adventures

The Brave and the Beautiful

Episode 1

In "The Brave and Beautiful Queen," learn the story of Esther, the beautiful queen who saves her people.

Dreams Come True

Episode 2

Study the life of Joseph--from his imprisonment in Egypt to his God-given ability to interpret dreams!

In the Beginning

Episode 3

God is AMAZING! He made the sun in the sky, the animals, the whole world—they’re all His creations. But do you know what God’s most AMAZING creation is? It’s you! God made people to be like Him so we can trust and follow Jesus, and be His special friends!

First Sin

Episode 4

The story of God's grace begins in the Garden of Eden. This episode walks your preschoolers through the first sin of Adam and Eve. The First Sin teaches your kids how to weigh if something is a sin or not and how to obey God because He cares for us.

Noah's ark: Two by Two

Episode 5

This episode takes your little ones through one of their favorite Bible stories: Noah's Ark.

Abrahams Big Test

Episode 6

Faith is choosing to trust, believe, and live God’s way, even when we can’t see Him or understand what’s going on around us. Our faith grows when we remember the great things God has done before, and wait patiently to see His promises to us come true.