Sports Spectrum: Short Stories

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Clayton Kershaw

MLB Cy Young Pitcher

Young newlyweds Clayton Kershaw and his wife, Ellen, were not expecting to start a charitable foundation, but they followed Ellen's passion for helping orphans in Zambia, and were able to use Clayton's influence in baseball to raise funds.

Drew Brees

Super Bowl MVP

What is God calling you to? Where are you called to be light and salt? What might be possible if you answered a call you weren’t naturally attracted to? New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shares his story of accepting Christ in his teens and later—like Jonah called to Nineveh—answering a very unattractive call to join the Saints while New Orleans was still deep in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Matt Holiday

MLB All star

How do you deal with failure? How do you deal with success? MLB All star outfielder Matt Holliday details how he deals with the ups and downs of playing and living the baseball life. Constantly pursuing Jesus, living in fellowship, and getting in the word relieve the anxiety. Relying on God grants him peace

Adam Wainwright

World Series MLB Pitcher

What happens when you achieve your dream of playing in the Major Leagues? What’s next? What is your true legacy? St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright describes the joy of living his dream with a focus on what it allows him to do for others and for the advancement of the Kingdom. He also describes the shift his life underwent when he stopped finding his identity in being a successful ballplayer and instead began to find it “in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

Demario Davis

NFL Linebacker

Do you believe that God can change your heart? Can He remove addiction from your mind and body? How can we turn from sin? Cleveland Browns defensive captain Demario Davis takes us on a journey through his fatherless upbringing, where his role models were drug dealers; the days after his break into college football, where he nearly killed himself breaking into a car and got caught stealing groceries; and his attraction to sex, drugs, and the rush of breaking the law. What happened when a chaplain took an interest in him and provided him with the first positive role model he’d ever had?

Chris Davis

MLB All Star

How do you face the consequences of your own mistakes as a Christian? When Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis failed to file his exemption and his ADHD medication showed up on a drug test, MLB drug policy required a 25-game suspension. Davis and his wife Jill decided together that—instead of appealing the suspension—he’d accept the consequences and apologize to the team. In the process, he discovered God’s forgiveness.

Matt Hasselbeck

NFL Quarterback

"I wasn't making disciples,” Indianapolis quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck admits. "I was introducing people to the team chaplain and feeling good about myself." A blunt conversation with then-teammate Trent Dilfer helped Matthew realize how shallow his evangelism was. Like many of us, Matthew thought that teaching and discipling others was only for pastors. Dilfer helped him see that we’re all responsible for sharing Jesus Christ, and now Hasselbeck influences players and fans alike across the league with the gospel.

Daniel Murphy

MLB All Star

In 2014, New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy decided to attend the birth of his son Noah instead of playing on Opening Night. Although the Mets supported him, many in the press did not. In this video, Murphy describes his journey to the Major Leagues, the unexpected backlash his wife Tori and he experienced in the wake of their family decision, and finally a transcendent moment: "I knew Christ had come down and mucked around in the dirt and mud for us. When I saw my son, the level of sacrifice that God made for us became a lot clearer."

Brandon Marshall

NFL Wide Receiver

Clarity. In a chance encounter with a kind soul on an airplane, New York wide receiver Brandon Marshall was encouraged to simply pray for clarity. After praying consistently through some potentially crushing trials, he emerged with clear vision and total restoration. Watch the video to hear about what Brandon learned about God as he sought clarity in Christ.