Ghost of Christmas Past

December 15, 2019 • Timothy Sensabaugh

We all have a past. We all have things that we are not proud of that tries to haunt us. The past has a tendency to revisit us in the present. In this message by Pastor Tim, he reminds us that in order to grab onto our future we have to let go of the past. Looking at the betrayal of Peter and his restoration we can discover that Jesus is seeking to restore our lives and give us a blessed future.


Christmas is the time of year when people everywhere are preparing for something great. Decorations are unpacked, presents are bought, and lights are strung. But as we lead up to Christmas, is our focus on the real purpose and potential this time of year has? Because the reality is that Christmas is more than an event; it’s the advent of Christ’s birth! And this message by Pastor Tim helps us all discover just how ADVENTAGEOUS this time of year can be!