Additional Helps From Our Favs

From how to play a song, find charts, loops, planning, etc.

Worship Extreme

This is a free planning resource! It also comes with supportive elements that you have to individually download, but all interconnects with your CCLI and song select resource. Other tools within this resource are: Music Stand, Presenter, Planning, Cloud Storage

Church Motion Graphics

Free resource from motion to still graphics, as well as the CMG Text Editor to download. (free to use). It has it all.


Info you need to know about copyrights, printing music, use of music, streaming music, etc.

Planning Center

Planning Center is a tool to help you organize your set lists, plan events/Sundays, communication with your team.


Use for Sunday lyrics, motion graphics, countdowns and more.


You can access chord charts, lyric sheets, instrumental charts, voice, etc. All songs are copyright protected and will link to planning center & propresenter. Thank you SongSelect for partnering with us!



Sheet music, manipulate key changes and arrangements, fun tutorials

Loop Community

If you upgrade, you can also send tracks electronically to your worship team and they can practice online. You have to download the PRIME app. Thanks LoopCommunity for partnering with us!


Resource for tracks that works with the Play Back app. You purchase here and upload to see your purchases and use from your laptop/Ipad. Thanks Multitracks.com for partnering with us!


Everything you need to know and more. Includes tutorials, free downloads and the most latest info. Access to Live, Push and Links in the “About” section


Allows you to use wireless page turner by uploading songs so you can use your iPad instead of the old music stand. Has other helpful links in addition to OnSong

Worship Tutorials

Everything from guitar tutorials, working with teams, random convos, you name it. Thank you Worship Tutorials for partnering with us!

Lead Worship Well

Multitrack sessions, podcasts, articles and new releases

Worship Together

A great place for songs, charts, podcasts and other helpful resources!