Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Apostles of the Sacred Heart were founded in Viareggio, Italy in 1894 by Clelia Merloni (1861-1930). In an effort to make the heart of Christ better known, loved and served, Clelia dedicated the Congregation to the loving Heart of Jesus. Mother Clelia gathered a small group of women who would serve the Church, especially the poor and suffering out of zeal and reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Within a few years the Apostles set out for the Americas to assist the Italian emigrants. From these humble beginnings, the congregation has grown to over 1500 sisters on five continents. The sisters spread devotion the Sacred Heart of Jesus by personal and communal witness to the Gospel, commitment to growth in holiness and ministry to the people of God. As consecrated women of the Church, they imitate the life of Christ in the world today through education, health care, pastoral ministry, retreat and youth ministry, social services and missionary activity. An International Congregation, they serve in the United States, Italy, Albania, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uraguay, Mexico, Philippines, Mozambique, Benin and Taiwan. Vocation Director: Sr. Virginia Herbers, A.S.C.J. Vocation Phone: 203-889-0408 Vocation Email: vocations@ascjus.org