CMDA Matters

Advancing Healthcare Missions

November 26, 2020

Doug Lindberg, MD, Director for the CMDA Center for Advancing Healthcare Missions, discusses how CMDA is increasing the number of Healthcare Missionaries and preparing them to be fruitful for the Kingdom on the mission field.

Why Gender Matters pt.2

November 19, 2020

Leonard Sax, MD continues the discussion of his book "Why Gender Matters" and an essay he wrote entitled "Politicalizing Pediatrics: How the American Academy of Pediatrics Transgender Guidelines Undermine Trust in Medical Authority" plus provides a way forward to reclaim the debate with true science .

Why Gender Matters

November 12, 2020

Leonard Sax, MD discusses his book "Why Gender Matters" and an essay he wrote entitled "Politicalizing Pediatrics: How the American Academy of Pediatrics Transgender Guidelines Undermine Trust in Medical Authority".

The State of CMDA: a Presidential Perspective

November 5, 2020

CMDA President Gloria Halverson discusses CMDA's new RED Committee (Racism and Reconciliation, Equality, and Diversity) and how CMDA condemns racism in any form, and we believe there is no place for racism in the world, in healthcare or in the lives of our leadership, members or staff. We believe Scripture clearly communicate God’s will for mankind to treat people everywhere in all circumstances with love, humility, kindness, compassion and self-control.

1st Amendment on College Campuses

October 29, 2020

Kim Colby of the Christian Legal Society shares exciting news about more support for first amendment rights on college campuses for students in healthcare training.

The Church & Bioethics

October 22, 2020

Darrell Bock, PhD of Dallas Theological Seminary interviews Mike Chupp, MD about CMDA's partnership with the DTS and how together we can advance biblical principles of healthcare within the church.

Saving Truth

October 15, 2020

Abdu Murray discusses his book Saving Truth. Increasingly, Western culture embraces confusion as a virtue and decries certainty as a sin. Conversely, those who express certainty about any of today's issues are seen as bigoted, oppressive, arrogant, or intolerant. Abdu Murray seeks to awaken Westerners to the plight we find ourselves in. He also challenges Christians to consider how they have played a part in fostering the Culture of Confusion through bad arguments, unwise labeling, and emotional attacks.


October 8, 2020

Amy Givler, MD and Julie Stewart, MD discuss the changes COVID-19 created in how they saw and treated patients plus how the use of telemedicine will alter the doctor patient relationship in the future.

Christian Healthcare Executive Collaborative

October 1, 2020

Benjamin Anderson and Warren White discuss the new specialty section of CMDA for Christians in Hospital Administration and Leadership Positions.

T. Bob Davis, DMD: 2020 Servant of Christ

September 24, 2020

T. Bob Davis, DMD shares about his life and testimony as the 2020 CMDA Servant of Christ award recipient. Dr. Davis is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. He served in the US Air Force prior to beginning his dental practice.

Tara Sander Lee: COVID-19 Vaccine Update

September 17, 2020

Tara Sander Lee, a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Life Sciences for the Charlotte Lozier Institute, shares about the research going into the COVID-19 vaccines and the ethical issues involved in some of them.

Darrell Bock: Cultural Intelligence

September 10, 2020

Cultural intelligence requires that we understand the changing world around us, and engage these changes in ways that edify the church and winsomely seek after the lost. In Cultural Intelligence, Darrell L. Bock builds a theology of cultural engagement, and equips readers to relate well to their culture with an eye on the example set by Paul in the New Testament. This timely book will highlight the need to center our beliefs and practices around God’s word while interacting well with a culture that is increasingly detached from biblical truth.

George Carneal: From Queer to Christ

September 3, 2020

George Carneal grew up in the ’70s, raised by a Southern Baptist minister in the ultra-conservative Bible Belt where his world revolved around the church, country fried chicken and trying to fit in with other boys. He plotted his escape from the misery and boredom of Southern suburbia and landed in Los Angeles; a city of glitz and hedonism. His book describes George's journey through a queer culture fantasyland filled with drag queens, drugs and dangerous situations before discovering healing, joy and peace in Christ. This true story details his struggles in a religious world at odds with, and often hostile toward, homosexuals.

Paul Warrick, MD: Medical Malpractice Ministry

August 27, 2020

Paul Warrick, MD share about the CMDA Medical Malpractice Ministry, his own journey through the process and the how best to survive one of the darkest times in a healthcare professional's life.

Jonathan Clemens, PA-C: Immunizations

August 20, 2020

Jonathan Clemens, PA-C is a physician assistant practicing family, occupational, eating disorder and sleep medicine in Olympia, Washington. He serves as the president/chair of the Fellowship of Christian PAs, which is both a CMDA specialty section and a constituent organization within the American Academy of PAs. Jonathan discusses the controversial topic of vaccinations and those who choose vaccination refusal.