Discovering God's Direction

Am I Holding God Back?

Discovering God's Direction • November 5, 2017 • Tom Manning

This week is about not limiting God from doing the impossible due to lack of faith, or lack of vision. Decisions: Discovering God's Direction does mean that we only decide to make decisions that are comfortable, or will not stretch us. We ought to be believing in God for the impossible. Choosing faith will at times cause us to make decisions that go against our emotions, or our limited perspectives. When we are making decisions don't just choose what seems possible. Do we limit our prayers to that which we can envision or imagine? When was the last time you prayed on something that would only be made possible if God intervened?

Is Good Enough?

Discovering God's Direction • October 1, 2017 • Tom Manning

Am I settling for a good choice instead of a "God" choice? Just because something looks good, feels good, and sounds good, does not mean that it is God's will for me.

Who's in Charge?

Discovering God's Direction • October 8, 2017 • Tom Manning

We cannot expect to make decisions that are in alignment with God's will if we have not allowed Christ to be Lord of our lives.

Where Are You Headed?

Discovering God's Direction • October 15, 2017 • Tom Manning

The sum total of our lives is based on the day to day decisions that we make. What you set your ambitions on will determine where your life heads. When ambition is God-directed and Spirit-managed, it can bear tremendous fruit. When it is restrained by humility, ambition can be a powerful motivator. But when it is hijacked by self and ego, it can leave a wake of destruction in its path.

What's the Standard?

Discovering God's Direction • October 22, 2017 • Tom Manning

This week is about making sure that our standards are based on God's standards. We can live according to the desires of our flesh, or the systems of this world. We must allow our decisions to line up with that which will please God. When we are making decisions, we can ask ourselves, "will this make me happy, or will this make me holy?"

How Do I Turn Around?

Discovering God's Direction • October 29, 2017 • Nadine Raphael

If I made a wrong decision or took a wrong turn, how do I turn around... How do I get back on track? How do I stay on track?