3. Traditional Gender Roles - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

May 31, 2015 • Don Reddin • Week three in the 'Christians are wrong about...' series

The second most chosen answer to our question 'what are Christians wrong about?' was 'Traditional Gender Roles/Women Submitting to Men'. In this message, Pastor Don looks at what the Bible actually says about gender roles; should women submit to men, how does equality work in the Church, and what role Christians have played in promoting equality & rights for women right from the birth of the Church.

7. Evolution/Creation - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 28, 2015 • Don Reddin

Did God create everything we know? Or is existence, and life in particular, just a result of random chance? Does evolution disprove God? and what evidence is there for creation and evolution?

6. Science - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 21, 2015 • Don Reddin

Has science done away with God? Or at least done away with the need for a god? Where did this divide come from? Can you be a scientist and a Christian in today's scientific world? And what role should science play in any/every Christian's life?

5. Homosexuality - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 14, 2015 • Don Reddin

This week we look at what the Bible says about Homosexual relationships, current objections to this view, and a grace based response to people walking with same sex attraction.