2. Abortion - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

May 24, 2015 • Don Reddin • Week two in the 'Christians are wrong about...' series

With 45 million abortions performed every year across the world, if what is being destroyed in that action is a human, abortion would be a larger killer than the top 10 causes of death all combined. So, we need to know, when does a human become a human? What's happening when an abortion is performed? And how can Christians support those considering what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, those who've previously had an abortion, and those raising an unexpected child?

7. Evolution/Creation - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 28, 2015 • Don Reddin

Did God create everything we know? Or is existence, and life in particular, just a result of random chance? Does evolution disprove God? and what evidence is there for creation and evolution?

6. Science - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 21, 2015 • Don Reddin

Has science done away with God? Or at least done away with the need for a god? Where did this divide come from? Can you be a scientist and a Christian in today's scientific world? And what role should science play in any/every Christian's life?

5. Homosexuality - 'Christians are wrong about...' series

June 14, 2015 • Don Reddin

This week we look at what the Bible says about Homosexual relationships, current objections to this view, and a grace based response to people walking with same sex attraction.