The Doorway

The Power of the Doorway

September 9, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

God moves us from Glory to Glory...one season to the next season but the transition process always involves a doorway. Your destiny will not rest until you walk through the doorway. Alignment with God's plan will always precede His assignment to your next season.

Attracting the Presence of God

September 12, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

As we continue to journey through 2 Kings 4, Pastor Tony walks us through some key characteristics that attract the presence of God as he continues "The Doorway" series. God is attracted to desire, humility, obedience, unity, brokenness, prayer, praise, worship, generosity, preparation, and faith.

Can You See It?

September 16, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

A hunger for God will attract the presence of God to your life and when you steward your time, talent and treasure, you become a conduit for the presence of God. Everything in our life that is a good thing may not be God's best and our timing isn't always best either. The timing of God is just as important as the promise of God.

The Power of Partnership

September 23, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

Be careful who you connect to. If you connect to the wrong people, it could derail you. If you are connected to the right people, it will propel you. There are no lone rangers in the Kingdom of God. We need people because partnership will increase your effectiveness. When giftings come together anything is possible through the power of partnership.

Bring Me Another Vessel

September 26, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

God is looking for vessels to fill. Are you willing to open up and allow God to use your vessel through your time, your talent and your treasure? You never know if your willingness to open up is the key to your next season's doorway.

Investment and Timing

September 30, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

Pastor Tony continues to take us through 2 Kings chapter 4 with "The Doorway" series. Investment and timing are key factors to God's calling on our lives. There is always a timing connected to God's plan. The timing of God is just as important as the will of God.

Keeping the Door Open

October 7, 2018 • Pastor Tony Stewart

A doorway can change your world but we can't forget that there's always a process and a preparation season for what is on the way. God has called his promise to work for you but our preparation is key.