OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE City Church exists to continue what Jesus began. Acts 1:1 informs us that the accounts of Jesus tell us what Jesus began to do and teach. The implication of this statement is that the followers of Jesus are to continue what Jesus started. It is an unfinished task. We believe our mission is simple: continue what Jesus began to do and teach. OUR CORE VALUES At City Church, we believe… — The Church belongs to Jesus — Jesus announced to His disciples, “I will build MY church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matt 16.18) The Church belongs to Jesus; therefore, He is the Head of City Church. We are His followers. He is our example to follow. The Church does not belong to us. It is His church. At City Church, we focus less on what you should and should not do or be and more on who Jesus is and who we are in Jesus. We believe as you find your identity in Jesus obedience to Jesus becomes more natural. We preach about Jesus. We sing about Jesus. We teach our children about Jesus. We believe Jesus is a big deal. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message known to humanity. For that reason, everything we do and teach at City Church is grounded in the good news of Jesus Christ. — Grace is a way of life — The gospel is a message of undeserved and radical grace. That means there is nothing we can do to earn or deserve God’s grace. Grace is given by God through Jesus Christ to broken people. Our world is broken. We are broken. And Jesus redeems broken. City Church has a “come as you are” approach. We are okay with the idea that you are not okay. We realize that discovering and following Jesus is a journey and we welcome people from every step of that journey. Authenticity is allowed … encouraged … promoted. Life is messy and grace is scandalous. At City Church we believe grace is a way of life for Jesus followers. Those who have received grace are to live grace-filled lives. As Jesus taught, our highest calling is to love God and love others. Grace compels us to this calling. — We live intentionally in community — At City Church, we believe life is best lived in community with other people. Jesus instructs us to do life together. For that reason, every story matters at City Church. Growth happens best when stories collide – when God’s story intervenes in our story and when our stories intersect with the stories of others. The gospel creates a community of all types of people from all walks of life who share in the common belief that Jesus is who He claimed to be and offers grace and forgiveness to broken people. We believe in creating safe environments where questions are encouraged, doubts are allowed, and growth happens. We don’t pretend to have it all figured out. Diversity is a beautiful component of Christian community. — We are for our city — Our name reflects our beliefs about our city. We are a group of Jesus followers who live IN our city FOR our city. We value the cities in which we live and we seek to love and serve our city. We partner with other organizations in our city to promote the well-being and restoration of our city. Because we are a gospel-centered group, we proclaim the gospel to our city because we believe the good news of Jesus Christ brings healing, redemption, and wholeness. We demonstrate the gospel to our city by living out the grace we have received. And we advance the gospel beyond our city to other places so that the message of Jesus is proclaimed and demonstrated throughout the world.