Kingdom Foundation Classes

Week 3

Parables in the New Testament • July 25, 2020 • Lynn Craig

Often times Jesus would begin a parable teaching with the words, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like...” This week our study looked at several parables in the New Testament and what Jesus said in these parables about the Foundations of the Kingdom.

Week 2

Old Testament • July 11, 2020 • Lynn Craig

This week we complete our study in the Old Testament looking at how the Kingdom Foundations are revealed in the lives of Moses and Job. We also see how many of the Hebraic traditions are a foreshadowing of Jesus.

Week 1

Psalm 115:1 • June 27, 2020 • Lynn Craig

Our first class begins with us looking into the Old Testament to see what we can learn about the Foundations of the Kingdom from the creation story in Genesis and the lives of three men who walked closely with God, Abraham, Noah and Joseph.