Jesus Said


July 18, 2021 • Pastor Dallas Billington

The Bible is the, "Holy Word of God" and it is comprised of 783,137 words. Not duplicating Jesus' speeches in the New Testament, The Bible records 31,426 words spoken by Jesus. That comprises only 4% of the words in The Bible. However, the words spoken by Jesus are so important to better understanding who God is and who Jesus truly is. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Dallas Billington prepares to share with us a message titled, "Jesus Said". Share this with friends and family and invite them to City Church AC. We look forward to seeing you Sunday at 11am. Remember for those who are not able to attend church in person, Pastor Dallas will begin preaching around 11:25 and we will live stream his message on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Like or Subscribe to those pages to be alerted when our live stream is up and running.