Lead Pastors

Tracey and Nathalie Armstrong

Tracey and Nathalie Armstrong travel throughout the world ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ. They are used to set people free from the bondage of sin and introduce them to a new intimacy with God. Tracey and Nathalie are also the pastors of Citadel Church in Bellevue, Washington. Together with their team, they are committed to reaching this generation that is asleep spiritually and absent in most churches. They are equipping the emerging generation for spiritual, social, and economic influence.

Carolyn Sand

Children's Director

Carolyn Sand joined Citadel Church in 2008 and has been serving as Children's Director since 2010. Carolyn's mandate is to raise an army of young people that are active for the Kingdom of God. Her desire is to train, equip, challenge and empower children into their purpose and in the ways of the Kingdom while imparting faith to believe God in all things. Carolyn is the mother of two children; son, Jadon and daughter, Jordan.

Maggie Wakefield

Creative Arts Pastor

Maggie Wakefield has been in worship ministry for over 11 years. She serves as the Creative Arts Pastor at Citadel Churches and also travels leading worship and teaching. Maggie produced her first live CD independently in 2010, and is presently working on post production of her second album. Leading the church in worship, releasing songs from heaven, equipping other leaders to grow and thrive, and teaching about Biblical expressions of worship are Maggie's primary passions. Maggie is married to Matt and they direct the Emergence School of Ministry and Leadership. They currently reside in Seattle, WA.

Matt Wakefield

Generation Pastor

Matt Wakefield has been in pastoral ministry for over 13 years and serves as the Generations pastor at Citadel Church. He along with his wife Maggie oversee and direct Emergence school of ministry, business, and creative arts. His desire is to encourage, equip, and empower people for their unique God given call. Matt is a prophetic voice to generations and a passionate leader that calls people to live in God's fullness. His mandate is to bring global reformation through sharing the gospel to a hurting and broken world. It is his desire to revive, renew, restore, and reform the world to live a life of breakthrough.