Dr. Paige Patterson

Guest Speaker

October 21, 2018 • Dr. Paige Patterson

What Could Anyone Possibly Learn About Sex From The Bible?

November 25, 2018 • Dr. Larry Lamb

“Any sexual activity that deviates from the monogamous relationship between a husband and a wife is immoral by God’s standard.” John F. McArthur


November 18, 2018 • Elmer Towns

“In the beginning I conceived the idea of heaven and the earth. Then I created them out of nothing. Before that nothing existed. I created My abode—heaven—where one day My children will live with Me. I also created My throne and an-gels who sing, ‘Holy . . . Holy . . . Holy!’ I, with My Father and the Holy Spirit, We created the earth, this huge watering mud ball. I created a black-inky darkness that surrounded all things I created. God the Holy Spirit hovered over creation infusing all things with life-charged energy. ‘Let there be light,’ I said. Instantly light appeared and I saw that light was good. So I separated light from darkness and named light day, and darkness I called night. It was good. Then evening ended the first day.”

A Shepherd’s Heart

November 11, 2018 • Pastor Charlie Arellano

Today… put aside pride, selfishness, and anger. Today… call, visit, or write a letter (not text or email). Make things right and forgive, strengthen and encourage them in Christ. Today… pray for those who God has called you to shepherd over and let them know you care and are praying for their faith. Today... if you are struggling with loving people, take it to the foot of the cross. God called us to Agape Love. A love that sacrifices . A love that causes us to give our lives fully to the One who sacrificed Himself for us—JESUS.