“Seemingly Insignificant”

July 22, 2018 • Pastor Justin Smith

Selah often translated as interlude. So in your Bible, the version you read might read as interlude. Interlude just means a musical break, but the word Selah means to pause, to reflect on what was just said. Reflect on what you just read. This is not an insignificant word. This word and the action it is imploring us to do has great ramifications in our lives.

Miracle At The Temple

July 14, 2019 • Pastor Bob Carvalho

Commitment to God, who has revealed Himself in Jesus, involves a connection between Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the community of those who have come to faith in Jesus and salvation.

Valued Temples

July 7, 2019 • Pastor Justin Smith


We Are A Part Of God’s Compelling Story

June 30, 2019 • Dr. Larry Lamb

If Jesus were dead, the church would have no message and Christianity would be a pointless and powerless movement.