Secret Meanings of the Resurrection

April 21, 2019 • Pastor Bil Cornelius

With the power of Jesus, all of us have the ability to rise again from our circumstances. In this Easter message, Pastor Bil Cornelius takes a look at how Jesus gives us access to the power of God in our lives.

The Wonderful Wilderness

May 26, 2019 • Pastor Jon Chasteen

If it feels like you're stuck in the wilderness, it's time to realize that God has a plan for your struggle. In this message from Pastor Jon Chasteen, we take a look at how God will lead us through the wilderness in order to grow and strengthen us for the battles ahead.

Leadership Execution

May 20, 2019 • Pastor Bil Cornelius

Any dream or desire can't be achieved without a proper system in place. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius takes a look at the important of implementing a system to accomplish your goals.

Mother's Day 2019

May 12, 2019 • Pastor Bil Cornelius

Mother's Day is a special time to honor moms for all they do. In this message, Pastor Bil Cornelius encourages moms with the fact that they are equipped to play an essential role in shaping the next generation.