Nuts & Bolts

The Basic and Practical Details of Following Jesus Through the Lens of James

When You're Hanging On by a Thread

May 2, 2021 • Pastor Andy Searles

Pastor Andy continues our "Nuts & Bolts" series with a scripture focus from James 1:2-18. Sermon notes are as follows: Rise With Wisdom (5-8) • When we need wisdom, we get to go to the source of it! Climb by Humility (9-11) Escalate with Endurance (12-15) • Don’t let testing on the outside become a temptation on the inside. Cling Tightly to Grace (16-18) • There are no shadows within the Father of Light.


April 25, 2021 • Pastor Andy Searles

Pastor Andy kicks off a new sermon series entitled, "Nuts & Bolts", which focuses on living out a transcendent faith in extremely practical ways. Sermon notes are as follows: An Example to Set (19-21) • The best way to listen with humility is not to hear yourself in the conversation. • Be quick to listen and slow to speak – do not get the verbs confused! • Integrity says that we can’t accomplish the right thing in the wrong way. A Task to Grasp (22-25) • Obedience is the mother of the true knowledge of "God”. – Calvin • Hold the "man in the mirror" to God’s standards. • What is found in the holy place must be lived in the market place. A People to Reach (26-27) • People are the task. • Obedience in action is a litmus test to faith. • The combination of a purity of heart with a purity of action determines how we influence the world.