Moments of Hope

Moments of Hope: PreVictory Celebration

September 29, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

In this week's Moments of Hope, Pastor Andy shares about one of the greatest nights of his soccer-supporting life. And how a special gift reminded him of how we should live differently and victoriously as believers.

Moments of Hope: Slowing Down on Sin

September 22, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

Have you ever ridden in front of a police car? It's amazing how everyone around you slows down on their driving "sin" when they see you coming. We are supposed to live such good lives that people see us and slow down on their sin - because they see us slowing down on there's.

Moments of Hope: Humility and Vulnerability

September 15, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

In this week's Moments of Hope, Pastor Andy shares how, on a trip to New York a few years ago, he wanted to meet the star of a broadway show that he and Tracie had just seen. To do so required humility and vulnerability!

Moments of Hope: The Big Picture

September 8, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

As Pastor Andy embarrassingly shares today, sometimes, when we only look at the small picture, we miss stuff and cannot complete our tasks. We've got to "double click" on the small picture to see the big picture of what God is doing.

Moments of Hope: $100

September 1, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles • Romans 5:8

Did you know that there is nothing that you could do that would decrease (or increase) your value before God? He loves you just as you are, and you are loved deeply by him.

Moments of Hope: Sting & Save

August 25, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

It's the nature of our sin to sting and God's nature to save. As we live life today, we'll probably sting some people... but that doesn't prevent God from saving us.

Moments of Hope: A Dipper or a Dweller

August 18, 2022

I'm a big tea drinker. How a person prepares their tea can say a lot about them. As does a person's prayer life! When it comes to praying, are you a dipper or a dweller?

Moments of Hope: Words Matter

August 11, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

Words Matter. They do if we are building a culture, changing a perspective, and looking to change outcomes. In this week's Moments of Hope, Pastor Andy helps us learn how.

Moments of Hope: The Orangest Orange

August 4, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

How many of us go to the store and when we are buying oranges, try and get the orangest of oranges? Most of us do. However, this isn't always guaranteed that you will get the ripest, freshest fruit. This truth teaches us about the importance of good character.

Moments of Hope: In the Storm

July 28, 2022 • Pastor Andy • John 4

My family recently sat down to watch the classic movie Forrest Gump. As I was watching, one scene, in particular, stood out to me. Let me tell you about it and what I learned from it in this week's Moments of Hope.

Moment of Hope: Perspectives

July 21, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles • Revelation

Perspective matters. In this week's Moments of Hope, Pastor Andy shares how different views of the same spot of land changed his perspective on some things that matter.

Moments of Hope: One Thing

July 14, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles • Luke 10

It's true in the pizza business... and it's true in our faith. In a world where it seems we want to be all things to all people, there is just one thing that ultimately matters.

Moments of Hope: Smog in the Soul

July 7, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

In this episode, Pastor Andy encourages you to follow Paul and "... go to Arabia". This place, away from the pollution of the world where you can get the fresh air of God's Spirit in your soul. Join us for a moment of hope today!

Moments of Hope: Rock Formation

June 30, 2022 • Pastor Andy Searles

You've heard it said that "we are what we eat", but did you know that we become like those that we hang around? Listen in today to hear another reason and a reminder of why we must hang around Jesus.

MomentsofHope: Closeness

October 14, 2021 • Pastor Andy Searles

What should be the distance between us and Jesus? Minimal! What should be our proximity to Jesus? Close! An old Jewish phrase reminds us today of one of the richest ways to experience the blessings of God.