New Life Mission International

Spreading the Gospel & training Christian leaders in Haiti.

Website | www.newlifemissionhaiti.org Richard Hutchinson, Director | richardlylehutchinson@gmail.com Mark Ivy, Church Project Liaison Our Mission | New Life's primary objective is to spread the ever-saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to ensure the continuation and education of the next generation of spiritual leaders. We do this by educating pastors through the International School of Ministry and outreach to and through our New Life Villages and children's home. We build relationships by partnering with local pastors and villages. In select villages we provide opportunities for jobs, education, and economic development. Changing the poverty mentality by conveying the mind of Christ! Ongoing Prayer Needs • Pray God's protection around us and those who serve and support this ministry. • Pray that God gives us wisdom so that we can make good decisions as leaders and carry out His will here in North Haiti. • Pray that God will bless the fruits of our labor and give us supernatural force to carry out His will. Serving Opportunities • In addition to serving the people of North Haiti New Life hosts short term missions teams from the United States and Canada. We are seeking volunteers to assist our mission in every aspect of our ministry. Some of our ministry opportunities include evangelism and outreach, construction, education, and mobile medical clinics. • We offer an extended internship program to aspiring missionaries. • The needs in Haiti are seemingly endless. We are looking for those whom God has called to use their talents to minister to the people we serve here in North Haiti. What does partnering with Church Project mean to your ministry? "Since 2011 New Life Mission has partnered with Church Project. In that time both ministries have grown and produced a bountiful harvest of strong Christian men and women who are excited about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The catalyst for this revival among our populations are the strong relationships that continue to be formed cross culturally with our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. This has demonstrated to our church bodies that God's love and the gospel message transcend all socio-economic and cultural barriers. God is building His church through His people all across the world!"

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January 9, 2019

January 9, 2019 • Jason Shepperd


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