Website | authenticmanhoodinitiative.com Tierce Green, Director | tierce@authenticmanhood.com MANHOOD IS IN A STATE OF CRISIS. You can feel the collateral damage in our families, our communities and around the world. If there is pollution downstream, we need to go upstream to fix what is causing it. WE’RE GOING AFTER THE MEN. Ultimately, men don't need behavior modification—men need Jesus. Research reveals when the father is a follower of Jesus that 92% of the time the entire household will be. When it’s just the mother, the likelihood of the entire household following Jesus drops to 23%. As the men go, so goes the family, the impact in the community and around the world. IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT WHAT COULD BE … Imagine a world where men lead in their marriages. Where men lead in raising their children. Where men lead in protecting those who are weak and oppressed. Imagine a world where men take the initiative for the benefit of others. This is a future worth fighting for. It is the most important journey you could possibly be on. WHAT COULD HAPPEN if thousands of men from different backgrounds, races, and seasons of life started gathering in cities across the country on a journey toward authentic manhood? What if hundreds of thousands of men around the world were experiencing manhood as it was designed to be? WE HAVE A STRATEGY TO MAKE THIS VISION A REALITY. AUTHENTIC MANHOOD INITIATIVE is building a network of individuals, organizations, churches and businesses—men reaching men in the Greater Houston Area and beyond to lead them to a life of truth, passion and purpose. We provide tools, strategies, and leader development to equip men to engage in one-on-one mentoring or host venues where men will discover the principles of biblical manhood. Then, we mobilize them to energize churches and impact their city through local ministry partnerships. Ongoing Prayer Needs: We need men who see the potential of decentralizing the gospel and cultivating a movement of men reaching men. We need partners who can not only help us but who can also benefit from this initiative—businesses, organizations, churches, etc. We need funding for advertising, training, mission-moving personnel, and materials. Serving Opportunities: We need teachable men who will step up to mentor other men, and men who will host small to large group venues. We need businesses who will provide affordable or free venues for seasonal gatherings. We need Training Guides for prison inmates. ($25,000 will provide enough Training Guides for 5 prison ministry teams for one year.) What does partnering with Church Project mean to your ministry? "It means much to be endorsed and supported by a church like this. The purpose of Church Project is to clearly present Jesus, to make disciples who are disciple-makers, and to influence others with the gospel. Authentic Manhood Initiative shares that vision and purpose. Thank you, Church Project!"

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