The Orphan Care Network

Resourcing churches to support families who care for orphans.

Kyle Lackey, Executive Director Kyle@orphancarenetwork.org Mission: Helping the Church help families help orphans. The Orphan Care Network exists to help the Church care for foster and adoptive families. Through practical means, such as community groups, parents night outs, trainings and more, we believe that the burden of caring for the orphan can be lightened from these families and opportunities for non-foster and adoptive families to care for and serve the orphan can be made known. Ongoing Prayer Needs: Pray for more families to have a heart for foster care and adoption. Pray for more churches to create a culture of support for foster and adoptive families. Pray for more people who will commit to supporting foster and adoptive parents on their journey. Serving Opportunities: Parents night out event volunteers. Volunteers who will submit to a background check and be trained to meet state requirements to provide respite and babysitting care for foster families. Interested in getting involved with The Orphan Care Network? Contact Kyle Kyle@orphancarenetwork.org

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