Waiting in Hope Ministries

Seeking Hope in the Lord in the midst of Infertility

Brandy Sheltraw • bsheltraw@gmail.com Website: https://www.waitinginhopeinfertility.com/ Our Mission: Encourage, support and embrace those struggling through the grief of difficulty conceiving. If you or someone you know are dealing with infertility, miscarriage, adoption or prolonged “waiting,” then we desire to help you find hope in your waiting. We are a non-profit that serves as an infertility resource to walk beside you and be a community through this tough season that is often filled with more negatives than hope. We do this primarily through local support groups, couples dinners to encourage the marriage during this season and a hopeful and helpful online support community. We believe there is hope to be found during this season of waiting. We also know that genuine, life-giving help can come from others walking this journey together. Ongoing Prayer Needs: Pray for the couples going through this that you know or don’t know, for their hearts to be focused on the source of all comfort and hope. Pray for this growing ministry and its effectiveness to lovingly point to Jesus as their only hope, regardless of a baby or not. Pray for more leaders to rise up and more local support groups to launch in addition to our 11 groups already meeting throughout the country. Opportunities to Serve: Sponsors for couples dinners for the Woodlands local support group that meets at CP. Volunteers for our prayer team. Volunteers for other ministry needs such as event planning, development and donor relations. What does partnering with Church Project mean to you? We are beyond grateful and thankful for the help, support and ongoing guidance from Church Project for our growing ministry and work towards a sometimes-unreached hurting community.

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