Grace of Grit

God's Grit

July 26, 2020 • Pastor David Frech

True Grit

July 19, 2020 • July 19, 2020 • Pastor David Frech

Pastor David's message TRUE GRIT from the series, Grace of Grit, is all about how to have endurance during hardships and difficult times. It is a timely message for the season that we are facing now and a message that will inspire GRIT in your life. Through the life of Joseph, God gave us a great example of how to walk through tough times with endurance and come out on the other side blessed!

This is It

July 12, 2020 • July 12, 2020 • Pastor Lester Estelle

Grace of Grit

July 5, 2020 • July 5, 2020 • Pastor David Frech

In the first message in the series, Grace of Grit, Pastor David explains the essentials of having grit in times of trouble and testing. How do you get through difficult times and times of testing and continue to operate in hope? Grit. Grace Revealed in Trouble or God Resourced in Testing. This message dives deep into how grit is a grace and how our important our mindset is in the midst of trouble and tests.