Light of the World

Searching for Peace

December 20, 2020 • Pastor Tracy Frech

The Light of the World IS the Light of Christmas! Jesus came to conquer our greatest need; the need for salvation from the darkness of our sinful condition. After our greatest needs are conquered by the light of Jesus, Jesus then comes into our lives to confront our fears and to calm our weary souls. For many of us, 2020 has brought a year that has tested us to the limit and many feel weary and scared. Jesus is THE answer to the weariness of your soul and the fears that you experience. Pastor Tracy Frech shares a message that will bring you hope and answers if you are experiencing any of this darkness in your life.

When Light Confronts Us

Pastor Charity Mozafari

When Paul was confronted by the Light on the road to Damascus, he wasn't the only one to respond to the Light. In this very insightful and powerful message, Pastor Charity Mozafari shares how the Lord will use the Light to confront us! What is your response when confronted with the Light (Jesus)? The lenses that we all wear have a way of influencing our response to the Light that confronts us and how we respond will change everything! This is a great message about the way 2020 came and brought us perfect vision...if we look through the right lenses!

The Light has Come

December 6, 2020 • Pastor David Frech

Darkness is the absence of light. Jesus is light. In this incredibly powerful message Pastor David Frech brings clarity to light; the origin and the progression of it; and what it creates. More so, this message will bring an understanding to you of what is this eternal struggle the world and people have always had between the light and the darkness. Darkness is powerful and the power devastates lives. But we have a deliverer! Jesus came to deliver us from the power of darkness through redemption and forgiveness and take us into the Kingdom of Light! This isn’t just a Christmas message – this message is for every day and everyone who wants freedom from darkness!