Womens Retreat Nov. 9th - 12th 2023 Created to Bring Him Glory!

Registration & Depoist - $50 Deposit -Total Cost $280.00 Payment Schedule in description

May 13, 6:00pm - May 31, 2023 10:00am
2 spots remaining

This retreat is for women who desire to grow in their relationship with their Lord & Savior Jesus. What does it mean to bring him glory or live for His glory or that I was created for His glory? These are question we will dig deep into. Lets, let Jesus transform us into women who shine as stars in a dark place truly living for the Glory of God. Surrendering our will to HIS perfect will for our lives. Payment Schedule Below May 13 - May 31st Registration and Deposit. 50.00 + fee July 13 - July 30th First Payment 100.00+ Fee Sept. 13 - Sept 30th Pay2nd Payment 100.00 + Fee Oct. 13 -- Oct 30th Last Payment $ 30.00