Abortion: The Hidden Details

November 19, 2023 • Adrian Davis, Tony Buchert, Wayne Hendrix

What is the truth about abortion? What happens in an abortion procedure? Does the Bible reveal principles or commandments that directly correlate to this subject? Watch this week’s Armor of God panel discussion to learn more.

Is the USA Collapsing?

March 3, 2024 • Bill Watson

In the contemporary era, the United States grapples with unprecedented existential challenges, straining its national fabric and jeopardizing its future. Learn more on this week's NEW Armor of God with Bill Watson.

Who Is Melchizedek?

February 25, 2024 • Adrian Davis

Who was the mysterious priest Melchizedek that appeared suddenly in the Genesis narrative. What is his significance to Christians today?

We Need National Repentance

February 18, 2024 • Bill Watson

Do you think God has blessed America? Does he expect certain behaviors and obedience in return? How do we measure up?