Black Death and Future Plagues

Episode 11

April 20, 2021

Mike James, Jeff Reed, and Jim O'Brien discuss the black death and future plagues.

Man's Awesome Destiny

May 14, 2024 • Mike James, Jeff Reed, Olivia Doyle

Scripture tells us that we will receive glory when we are resurrected into God's Kingdom and that we will be made in Jesus's image. This episode explores that awesome destiny and what it truly means to be born into God's family. 

Jesus and the Wave Sheaf Offering

May 7, 2024 • Mike James, Jeff Reed, Skip Martin

What is the Wave Sheaf Offering, and how does it relate to Jesus Christ? In this episode, we will examine how the resurrected Christ became the first fruits of all humanity resurrected to eternal life and His connection to the ancient Wave Sheaf ceremony.

The Books of Enoch

April 30, 2024 • Mike James, Jeff Reed

This episode explores the problematic Books of Enoch, scrutinizing their controversial content and interpretations. Are they of any value to Christians?