How Faith is Different Than Gore-Tex

Sun, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016 • Richard Dahlstrom • Acts 17:16-34

When have you experienced idolatry in your life? Are there things in your life now that you are tempted to worship in lieu of God? When have you experienced God as the source of your life and well-being? How do you respond when you’ve had a bad day? What fills you up when your feel drained by life’s events? Are there concerns for the future that keep you from being present? How is this impacting your life and the lives of those closest to you? In what ways are you in touch with current culture? What resources do you rely on to know what is going on in the context in which you reside – your neighborhood, your workplace, your city? What are you curious about? What keeps you from being curious? When have you continued to love in the midst of being discouraged? What compels you to continue to love? In what ways have you found commonality with your neighbors and/or co-workers? How might that create a platform to speak of or reflect Christ? What longings do you share with the non-believers in your life? How easy is it for you to share that with them? How can you use your commonalities and longings that you share with those around you to talk about Jesus? What causes reticence in you to share? What responses have you heard from people when you have brought up your faith in Christ? How did it impact your desire to continue to share with others?

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