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Joy Stealers

What's stealing your joy? Marriage problems, painful relationships, wayward children, health concerns, financial struggles, or just the daily stresses of life? Learn from Author and Pastor Rob Renfroe as he tackles joy stealers.


Behind Enemy Lines

Love You Mean It


Let's Talk Prejudice

Prejudice is pre-judgment of others. Without realizing it, we see someone and immediately a signal is sent to our brain assessing the value of that person (or group of people) as though we have a right to rank them in a certain class. It’s as though we have an inner grid built in our brain that causes us to evaluate an individual based upon their accent, color of skin, socio-economic status, education, or even body size. In the beginning God created all of humankind in His own image, with great worth and value. When we look down upon another person because of the color of their skin, for example, we are actually looking down at the living God who has breathed into all humanity His very life. And it is not good to look down at God.

Essential Steps for Success in 2018

Do you want to be in a different place this time next year? The steps you take today matter. A willingness to follow in Christ’s footsteps proves that you are willing to be obedient. Even it is baby steps, God is pleased with your desire to follow His direction and He will lead you to a place of purpose, peace, and joy—and yes, success. But not the world’s kind of success. The kind of success that heaven is interested in is the kind that points the world toward Christ.

Manger Things

Busting the Myths About Church

25th Anniversary

Legacy 2:10

Why, What, & Who: Prelude to Legacy 2:10

Credo Killers