Unwrapping Presence

How to Receive the Greatest Gift of All

Unwrapping Presence

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Unwrapping Presence

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Unwrapping Presence

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Unwrapping Presence

Teaser Video • November 29, 2020

Christmas is coming quickly and odds are that we are all excitedly preparing for hustle and the bustle of the season, especially when it comes to gifts! Every year we spend countless hours thinking, planning, and buying the perfect present for the people in our lives. We catch ourselves questioning if the gift is “good enough" or if it is "too much”; is the cost worth the hit to our budgets, or not? So much thinking and time goes into every gift we buy, wrap, and put under our tree just to try and create a small piece of the Christmas magic. Well, this Sunday we will begin our new Christmas series called Unwrapping Presence in which we will walk through the Christmas story and find a "how to” on giving and receiving gifts during this Christmas Season. So, join us as we discover and remember that the beauty of Christmas is not in the presents but in His PRESENCE.