God Delivers. God Saves. God Frees.

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watch to find out more about the series • September 16, 2018

Over and over again in the bible, God calls himself the one "who brought you out of Egypt." For the Israelites, the story of the Exodus was a pivotal moment in God's relationship with his people. It was the moment when God defined himself as the 'I Am'—everything to the people. For us today, God is still Everything. The ability to live an abundant life stems wholly from a sovereign God— who created us, sustains us, redeems us, and frees us. In this series, we'll discover what the Israelites discovered 3400 years ago— by calling out to and jumping into the mercy waves of God, we can truly leave behind our storms and slavery to sin and truly find our peace and life. Join us starting September 23rd for "EXODUS: God Delivers. God Saves. God Frees."

1 | Slavery

Sunday Message • September 23, 2018 • Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan kicks off our new series, Exodus, with the slavery in Egypt; how we all bound to something, and our only hope for deliverance is crying out to God.

4 | Now What?

Sunday Message • October 14, 2018 • Daniel Bodemann

Vicar Daniel Bodemann continues our series, Exodus, and what were supposed to do with our new freedom.

5 | Wanderings

Sunday Message • October 21, 2018 • John Mathis

Vicar John Mathis continues our series, Exodus, and now that we've been saved, there's a long life ahead of us... so what's your purpose?

6 | Worship

Sunday Message • October 28, 2018 • Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan finishes our series, Exodus, and how the God established for the Israelites a pattern of worship in their new found freedom and deliverance.