Angel Tree

Gift-Giving Initiative

November 1 - December 4, 2022

Angel tree is our gift-giving initiative to help kids here in our CLC family & at Lydia's House of Hope get gifts this Christmas they might not otherwise get. This year, instead of directly getting a gift, we are asking for $25 gift cards from either Walmart or Target. We would like to give two $25 gift cards to each family (upwards of 20 or more families) so they can get their child gifts. Pick up the gift cards yourself and drop them off, or you can donate to CLC & we will pick them up for you. You can donate RIGHT NOW by hitting the "Give Here" button right on this page!!! Or you can sign up in the lobby starting the first Sunday of November. All donations are due no later than Sunday, December 4 in order to give families sufficient time to get gifts for their children. Thank you for your generosity and helping families in need! For more information contact the CLC office by hitting the link for either the email or phone number on this page.