Two Minute Testimonies

Stories of God's Power at CFC

Danielle Hogan - No More Migraines

June 1, 2022

Receiving healing simply because Jesus did it and not because it's earned.

Casey Madrid - My Baby Will Live and Not Die

"God gave me the gift of faith". Casey's faith refused to accept any of the natural realm facts. but chose to let her covenant turn them into God's Truth for her baby.

Gretchen Frichter - The Perfect Number of Chromosomes

A diagnosis of Downs Syndrome, a prophetic word about "46", and a perfect baby.

Teresa Hoffman - A Perfect Thyroid

God's guidance through the process of perfect healing for Teresa's thyroid.

Gretchen Frichter - God Said, Wake Up!

How God woke Gretchen to save her from bleeding to death. See the second half of the story in, "I'm Taking My Baby Home"

Gretchen Frichter - I'm Taking My Baby Home

The doctor said, "Babies like this don't live." The nurses kept saying, "IF you take her home." Gretchen said, "STOP SAYING THAT, say WHEN I take her home!" See "God Said, Wake Up!" for the first part of the story!

Tabitha Bigbee - You Tell It to Stop

Taking charge and standing on the healing Jesus gave; telling the pain of severe menstrual cramps to go every time until they vanished completely!

Arlette Roques - I Refuse to Accept Your Fear

"You can't have my foot!" Arlette simply REFUSED to receive a terrible diagnosis.